Mosquito Repellent Button Safe for Infants BABY 4 PCS

400.00 199.00


Mosquito Control
The mosquito repellent buttons helps you drive away mosquitoes for kids when outdoors and traveling.
All Natural
The all-natural essential oil in our bracelets can protect your skin from bites without harmful chemicals. The bracelet smells fresh and pleasant.
Effective and Lasting
The effective time is durable. Put it in the product bag when not in use, and it can guarantee normal function for a period of time.
The pest repellent button is 100% safe in the water. Dont worry about getting wet when swimming or washing your hands will reduce your effectiveness.
Cute Cartoon
Cute cartoon type,it can be buckled in the bag, collar, cuffs, hat and so on. It is childrens favorite.


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